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AL Sounds is a relatively new company at the end of the testing process for a bunch of factories and designers of high-tech personal products. 

These manufacturers supply well known brands and are now using us for real-world testing on a larger, more reliable scale. It's pretty mint!

This is why we can supply these products to you FREE but only for a limited time. 

Once tested, these products are then either sold to major brands all around the world or sold ourselves via online stores.

This is your opportunity to grab a steal with these break-through products during this final phase before they go big!

All you have to do is cover the freight costs associated with getting it to you and fill in a short one page survey online once you've got it. Then bang, you've got something for FREE before anyone else can even buy it!

For more check out our About Us page or our FAQ page! :D

Stay Fresh,

Andre (Founder)