Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Goods Exchange Policy

We doubt you’ll want to part with your new product once you’ve received it but we want you to know that we are actually human and sometimes we make mistakes. We go to a lot of trouble to make sure the descriptions of our products are as detailed as possible so you know exactly what you’re getting. Please pay attention and choose very carefully when you’re ordering your products because we can’t exchange your product(s) once you've received your order unless we’ve made a genuine mistake in our product description or where your request to exchange is covered by the Consumers Guarantees Act or Fair Trading Act.

If you think you have a genuine case for a product exchange request, please contact us first before sending your order back to us as it might get declined and returned to you. We will require Proof of purchase in all cases in order to get an exchange. Please note that all products returned to us for exchange must be in an as-new, resalable condition with it’s packaging intact, in good condition and all labels etc returned with the item, any products found to be used beyond a reasonable period of time will not be exchanged.

Goods received free for your trial are excluded from this exchange policy.

Goods Return Policy
We know from the feedback we receive from you that you love us to bring you the best products and trials from all over the place. To do this we try to keep all of our costs to a minimum, this includes the cost of covering returns from our customers. Therefore we do not accept returns except where we are obligated to do so by the Consumers Guarantees Act or Fair Trading Act (see definitions below). So when you're at the checkout, please take a minute to run your eye over your order for any mistakes before submitting because once you've submitted it, our orders team have received it and it's too late!! Goods received free for your trial are excluded from this return policy. 

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
The Consumer Guarantees Act was established in 1993 and sets out minimum standards for goods that are sold by us, if goods are found to be not of good quality or are faulty, we have the right to repair, replace or refund the product for you.
Fair Trading Act 1986
The Fair Trading Act exists to ensure we are legitimate and we do what we say we will do, it ensures that we don’t make false claims in either our advertising or promotions or product descriptions so you know what to expect from us. The Fair Trading Act is enforced by the Commerce Commission.
Returning a product:

If you think that you have a good reason to return your product under the policies described above please contact us before sending your order back to us as the processes we use may be different depending upon your situation. If you don't contact us first it could delay your request or result in your claim being rejected. In all cases proof of purchase will be necessary to process your request.


We know that things happen from time to time and sometimes you may have a mistake in the information on your order, it's really important that your order comes through with all the information we need. Unfortunately, once you've submitted your order and payment has been accepted we can't make any changes to it - that includes sizes, colours, quantity and address details. We want to get your package to you as quickly as possible so we move fast once we’ve received your information. In the event of major error, there is a hold period of between 6-12 hours in which we can make adjustments. This process is complicated and is only for major errors on full priced products.

When you’re shopping, the product will stay in your cart for a couple of hours. So you can take your time to finish the order before you lose the product/s from your cart.


We do everything we can to make sure our stock levels are accurate at all times, however there may be the odd occasion, due to unforeseen circumstances, where we are unable to fulfil your order or source a replacement product. If this should happen we will contact you and offer either a store credit for the value of your purchase or a full refund.

Please note that we cannot offer a backorder or 'rain check' facility. Goods offered free for your trial are excluded from this policy and we reserve the right to supply a similar type and style of product for trial should the promoted item not be available.

Errors and Omissions

We strive to make sure that the price and description of our goods and services are accurate, if there is an error in the process of listing a product or service on our website or a technical error in the processing of your order we reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order.


Our right to cancel orders applies to orders that have been accepted. You will be offered a store credit, exchange or refund where we exercise this right. 


Updated July 4th 2016

Effective as of July 4th 2016